reclaim your future

There are a few ways you can invest with us. We have a partnership program for serious investors as well as a donation program which will give you VIP status with reCAMPed as our way of thanking you for donating to our movement.


With our Partnership program, you gain an investment into our blossoming business and it's future adventures. You may choose to be a silent partner or a board member with decision making power. We take partnerships very seriously, unlike our daily lives ;) In that respect, we are very picky when it comes to whom we partner with. We like to think of ourselves as a big ole family and choosing the right partners means adding more aunts and uncles to the mix! P.S. We choose the right to NOT discriminate against dogs of all kinds - they are always the best partners!



Ever heard the phrase, "it takes a village?" Well we truly believe that here are reCAMPed and we've made a living doing just that! Be a part of our village by donating to our cause.